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Families urgently searching Au Pairs start date January - May 2016


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Family with four children is looking for a female mother’s help with stay duration 12 months and more. Start ASAP.

This family offers to you: 900 euro/month for 40-48 hours per week. Family’s hobby: sport like football or rugby, also arts, crafts and cooking.


British family with 2 amazing boys from Wales is looking for male or female au pair for 12 month. Start ASAP.

Family lives 30 minutes away from Capital of Wales Cardiff, close by bus, train and college. They will offer to you 400-500 euro/ month for 30-35 hours per week. The family has a small dog.


Family from Sand Hurst which has one child is looking for a driver female, mother’s help for 12 month. Start: February.

The family lives in town 1 hour away from Central London, not so far from bus and train. The family offers to you 1000 euro/month for 50 hours per week. The au pair will have their own bedroom.


Family with 2 kids from Devizes is looking for a female au pair for 6-12 months. Start: April or later.

The family lives in town not so far from bus, train and college like 15-20 minutes. Beautiful place that have near coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and markets. The family’s hobby are skiing and cooking. The family offers 460 euro/ month for 35-40 hours per week.


Family with one girl aged 9 from Colchester, U.K. is looking for a female au pair with stay duration 12 month or more. Start: April.

Family’s hobby: art, sport, music, adventures, crafts. They offer 460 euro/month for 35 hours per week, own bedroom for au pair and some travel benefits. Family also has a dog, a bull terrier, one cat and a fish.


British family from Wales with 4 kids is looking for a female mother’s help au pair for 12 month. Start: ASAP.


Friendly family with 4 dogs that stay outside, 1 pony and 1 fish, with interesting hobbies like: hunting, fishing, music and ballet. Family offers to you 750-770 euro/month for 40-44 hours per week, also some travel benefits and they will contribute with towards college costs.


Single mother from Basildon, U.K with 2 children are looking for a mother’s help with good English level for one year. Start ASAP.

Family’s hobby: reading, watching TV, singing and outdoor activities. Interesting family without any pets that will offer to you 750-770 euro/month for 44-45 hours per week, some travel benefits and towards college costs. The au pair will their own bedroom.


Single mother from London with one child are looking for a female mother’s help that will be able to drive in the U.K. with stay duration for 12 month. Start: April.


Family lives in town not far from bus, train and college, near family’s home are a direct line to Central London. The family offers 750 euro/month for 40 hours per week. The au pair will have their own bedroom and separate toilet.



Romanian family from London with 2 boys is looking for female or male Romanian au pair for 6-12 month. Start summer 2016.

Family’s interests: travel, movies, theater, outdoors activities, cooking. Family offer some travel benefits, 15-20 hours per week, without pets and not far from bus, train and college.





Families urgently searching Au Pairs start date Octomber - December 2015


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Egyptian family with 3 children looking for mature lady, non smoker, non driver. Start: NOVEMBER


This family can offer a great, relaxed, friendly well educated  family , great city location which is near all the colleges and great choice of language classes etc. The family offers 800 euro /month for 35 hours weekly and 2 nights babysitting.


Highly recommended family with 1 boy, aged 9  from Jersey looking for a male or female driver au pair with good English. Start: DECEMBER


The family previous au pairs heve been very happy with the family. They have also a small dog. The family will contribute to travel cost and towards college cost. They offer 475 euro /month for 20 hours per week, more in holidays.


Family from Lewes, East Sussex searching a driver female or male au pair for 2 boys . Start: JANUARY


Family’s hobby: sport, travel, pottering, culture and food. They offers 530 euro /month for 35 hours per week.  Au Pair will have own bedroom and bathroom, also the family will contribute for college lessons.



British family with 2 beautiful girls from Scotland looking for an au pair for 6 month. Start: JANUARY


Family’s hobbies : swimming, walking, cycling and films. They offer 370 euro /month for 25 hour per week.  The au pair would have their own bedroom at the front of our house.



British/Australian family with 2 girls, from Leatherhead  looking for an au pair with good English aged 22 years +. Start: ASAP


The family lives  1 hour away from Central London, in Leatherhead – is the area’s greatest attraction.  They will offer 650 euro/ month for 28 hours in school time and holiday little bit more.  The family also have a dog, Labrador.


Family from Doncaster with 2 children looking for an au pair Plus with a good accommodation. Start: NOVEMBER.


The family live in a lovely new built home which is well appointed. Au Pair will have wonderful private accommodation, negotiable pocket money up to 635 euro per month for 35 hours /week. The au pair WILL be very much part of the family. The family live only 3 miles from College, great location too, the au pair will be able to go with the family on holidays.


Delightful family with 2 kids, who live in a beautiful part of the UK looking for a driver family oriented au pair. Start ASAP


The family can offer opportunity to travel  with them at weekends around the UK. They offer a lovely private bedroom and bathroom. For 25 hours  per week they pays 400 euro/month. Also, the family will pays arrival.


Asian British family with one boy, 10 years old from City of Coventry  looking for non driver and non smoker au pair (female only). Start ASAP


Au Pair will have a lot of time to attend the great language collage of Henley and be able to enjoy all this vibrant city has to offer. The family has a lot of hobbies like cycle riding, swimming, watching cartoons, playing football and karate. They offer for 25 hours per week 450 euro/month.


British family with 3 children who live in Northampton looking for a au pair with reasonable English level. Start ASAP


They are busy hospital doctors so the family needs a calm, efficient and flexible au pair to care of their 3 boys.  The family will offer the au pair a warm and loving family and up to 800 euro/month for 35 hours per week.


Highly recommended family with 2 children who live near Leicester and Nottingham looking for English, French, German, Italian os Spanish au pair. Star ASAP.


Au Pair will have her accommodation is fab, bedroom, bathroom, dressing room,TV and sofa area, private door leading off the main family house. She will have her own au pair car for work and private use. The family offers 530 euro / month for 35 hours per week.



Families urgently searching Au Pairs start date April - June 2015


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BRITISH lovely family with a 8 years old boy searching an au pair who will have a lots of free time to study and socialize. Start: ASAP

The family live in a great area which is very accessible to lots of UK cities and London is only 90 minutes away by train. Au Pair will have own bedroom with own TV with Sky advance package. For 25 hours per week they offers 370 euro/month. Au pair duties will be housekeeping, cooking and some babysitting.


BRITISH single father with a 7 years old boy from Nottingham city searching an au pair, boy or girl, as soon as possible.

 The family offers private bedroom, bathroom and acces to the internet. Language school is near of house. Pocket money 400 euro a month for 25 hours per week. They require someone who is great with children and very loving, caring and cheerful. In return they will be given a great experience and have superb living conditions and are going to be really valued by this family . Start : ASAP


FRENCH family from Saint Jeoire looking for an au pair for lovely twins. Start date: June 2015.

The family offers a personal room and bathroom  for the au pair, free internet access, a lot of free time while the children are at school from 8:30 to 16:30. The possibility to take French courses; travel around the region and access to the family car. Pocket money 360 Euros/mounth. 


BRITISH family looking for an au pair, from September 2015!

The Au Pair will have her own room which is at the ground floor of the property with free wifi access. She will receive weekly pocket money – 420 euro per month. Au pair will be able to attend English courses in the evening, family can contribute with some money here. The family has 4 members and they live in St.Saviour,Jersey,Channel Islands,UK. A lovely Island surrounded by sea and nature. Mummy is from Moldova and daddy from Romania, which settled in Jersey 7 years ago. They have a boy Alex, 3.5 years and a little girl Amelia, 4 month old. The family hobbies are walks in the park, feeding crowds of birds, listening to music, watching sport events and video games. At the weekend au pair can come with family for coffee or family meals, barbeque in the garden or children party.


BRITISH family from central London needs an au pair for three lovely children. Starting Date: May, 2015.

They offer 540 euro per mounth (which includes 1 night babysitting. Any extra hours are 13,48 euro - p/h). You will have your own bedroom and bathroom (you only have to share it with the boys when they go to bed). Your room will be very private as the parents use a different door / set of stairs to get into the house. No driver needed .The right candidate would be able to speak good English and needs to be able to read music/ (and ideally play / have played a musical instrument) as the au pair needs to help the boys with their music lessons. 


BRITISH family from central London with a girl 10 years looking for an au pair for 3 month. Starting date: 18th-19th of April.

 The family offer 645euro/ month + 40 euro travel cost + 40 euro for food kitty. The au pair will have her own floor with bathroom and a large bedroom. The family lives in a quiet residential area only a foot walk away from public transport. The family would love to find someone who can prepare simple healthy food for the child. A good English speaker is preferred for assistance with homework. Starting date: 18th-19th of April for a min of 12 weeks (or longer if the au pair wants a longer contract.


BRITISH family from lovely village in York with two children: 9 years old girl and 6 years old boy. Start date: May 2015

Family offers 460 euro per mounth and accommodation for the au pair: a big bedroom with a double bed, and own bathroom with a shower, bath wash basin and toilet, internet access. Family lives in a spacious detached home so there is plenty of space for everybody. Needs someone for about 25-28h per week, ideally around 25 years old and driver is required. The children and mother are vegetarian and the father is not. They are an approachable and friendly family whom we highly recommend. 


FRENCH family looking for a long-term au pair in the city centre of Nantes. Start date: May 2015

 The Family offers 360euro/month and they have a holiday home on the Island of Ré (Atlantic ocean) where they often go and brings the au pair with them. The Au pair will have her own bedroom in a semi-detached house with garden.They have 3 children aged 3 to 9.


BRITISH family in Leicestershire. Start date: May 2015

Family can offer a good weekly wage of around 720 euro per month and accommodation within the family home. However if the au pair prefers her own space their is a bedroom and en suite in the families sisters house as she lives in London during the week. They are looking for a mature girl with a reasonable level of English who can stay for around 6 months. Girl - 8 years old and boy - 7 years old.

BRITISH family in Oakhanger, Hampshire. 


The family will pay 660 euros/per mouth. To start ASAP and stay 12 months. Gayle is an international show jumper and needs a mothers help. AU PAIR will need to drive a car in the UK and help look after her 9 month old son and help with house work.


BRITISH family in Abingdon, Oxfordshire are looking for au pairStart date: April 2015

 The family will pay 500 euros/per month. To start in April and stay long term. Good college to studyEnglish locally in Abingdon. Au Pair should drive a car in the UK a Ford Focus. Duties to help look after one boy aged 5 years old and to help with house work. 


SPANISH family lives in Burgos, North of Spain Start date: as soon as possible.

Pocket money: 300 Euros/ month. The au pair will have a lot of free time to explore the region and attend Spanish classis. Main responsibility is caring for the 3 children and speaking with them in English.


DUTCH family lives in the islands Ameland (Netherlands).  Start date March 2015.

The family offers 340 euro per mounth for 30 hours weekly, with 2 days off. Children, both going to school, 1 girl 8 years old, 1 boy 6 years old. The family is looking for an au pair 21+, positive and happy attitude, open/active personality, organizational skills, household skills, and the ability of being firm.  The family is highly recommended; they placed emphasis on having fun together and really getting along with each other..


DUTCH family lives in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Start date March 2015.

 Originally Portuguese, but live in the Netherlands for over 7 years. 1 child 7 years old. Au pair responsibilities include childcare, pick up the daughter from school with public transportation, light household responsibilities. The au pair should be responsible, independent, well organized, flexible, respectful and communicative. 

BRITISH family from Twickenham. Start date as soon as possible.

Highly recommended family , Great Britain. 3 children, 8, 6, and 1 year old. Mother is a housewife, and the au pair will help with childcare. Au Pair responsibilities include childcare, picking up the children from school, helping with home work, light household responsibilities. £80 per week (for 30 hours), and a free weekend. Great recommendations from former Moldavian au pair that staid with the family for over 18 months.