Program de schimb cultural pentru tineri
Chișinău, bd. Decebal 76, of. 1020B
+373 22 89 08 89
+373 76 05 67 26
Dear Colleagues!

My name is Elena Fulga and I am director of National Au Pair Center of Moldova "Rejans-Prim".

I will be glad to any cooperation with you in the field of youth cultural exchange programs.

Feel free to ask me questions and send your offers to With great pleasure I will answer it as soon as possible.

Our Center was established in 2006, and for the past 15 years we have actively promoted the Au Pair program and other affordable cultural exchange possibilities among Moldovan and Romanian youth.

We are recruiting top applicants with great working experience: some have already been Au Pairs in Europe; others have teaching and camp counselor experience, or psychological and pedagogical studies.

From our side we can guarantee that all our applicants:
Shall ensure that an Au Pair agreement is a cultural exchange and not a contract of work.
Will be checked if they correspond to the conditions for taking part in the international program.
Will be interviewed in English/ French/German personally and their references will be verified.
We take the responsibility:
To ensure that the applicant is completely honest when completing the application.
To carefully review all the applications. Only complete, thorough, neat, suitable application will be sent to the partner.
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